Attorney for Enforcement of Orders

It is not uncommon after final orders are entered in divorce and/or child custody and support situations for one party to disregard the Court’s orders. In cases like these, action can be taken to enforce the Court’s orders.

Making sure that valid, complete, lawful orders are in place is the first step. However, an order is useless if the other party will not abide by it. I understand that it is a frustrating situation to have orders in place that are not being respected or followed. In these cases, you have the option to ask the court to enforce the previous orders upon the noncompliant party. You may need to move forward and use an Attorney for Enforcement of Orders.

Some people find themselves wrongly accused of violating the Court’s existing orders and in need of an lawyer to explain this situation to the Court.

If the Court’s prior orders are not being followed by the other party, or if you are accused of not following the Court’s existing orders, then contact me today and ask me about services as your Attorney for Enforcement of Existing Orders… I can and want to help.

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