Recognition – Client Testimonials

“Carly immediately delved into our case…exhibiting good knowledge, “out of the box” thinking, honesty regarding expectations…and always kept in mind what was best for my daughter…She proved friendly, available throughout a myriad of questions/concerns and never left us hanging with a wonder of what exactly was going on.”

Reed D.

“After 3 years of raising our grandchild with our daughter absent…finding the right attorney to patiently and strategically guide us through the process, while acting in our…collective best interests was key for us…Carly demonstrated the highest level of professionalism and integrity…and Carly very smartly laid out a plan to first protect our grandchild…create a forum for open communication…and ensured we were fully educated throughout each phase.  In addition, Carly also did an excellent job scoping her time and cost estimates to keep us on a budget.”


“I was extremely pleased and satisfied with Carly's handling of my divorce process. It was an incredibly…stressful time for me, and Carly's professional, confident, and reassuring attitude was very…appreciated…When I was stressed and in need of reassurance, her sound counsel and confidence was extremely comforting…We were eventually able to come to an amicable agreement through Carly's continued efforts and proposals. I am thankful for having received a recommendation to contact Carly for legal representation.”

George B.

“It was clear that I needed an attorney to represent me, and a friend recommended Carly…she walked me through this painful process with professionalism, strength and compassion…I am grateful for Carly’s guidance and leadership and have recommended her to friends.  That says it all in my book.”

Susan C.

“Carly is sharp, thoughtful and knows the law.  I so appreciated her personal touch and felt like she really cared about what happened for our family throughout the process…She was willing to tell me the truth even when it wasn’t what I wanted to hear and walked me through each step of the process.  She listened to me…was able to think outside the box, and was generous with her time and knowledge.”

Tiffany P.

“Carly was wonderful! I was very happy to have been referred to her.  I felt comfortable every time we talked.  She knows the law very well, and with her confidence in the case it helped me be confident as well.  I have already recommended her to friends and will keep doing so.  Thank you so much, Carly!”

Whisper M.

“Carly, thank you VERY much for your help…You did an incredible job in your discovery, preparing us for court and really shined in the courtroom…We really felt like you had interest at heart and wanted to do everything in your power to make sure the judge could see [our perspective]…We thank you for the emotional and professional support, and we would highly recommend you…Thank you again!”

The Buchanan family

“[Carly] willingly took our case…and made it the most seamless and least stressful a divorce can be. It has been an absolute pleasure to have found an attorney that honestly listened to what I had to say and took action to take the stress off of me.  Her immediate phone calls and follow up written responses…resolved any issues and thus saved us a lot of money…I wholeheartedly recommend Carly!”

Bridget S.

“ I wanted the best, but I also wanted to be able to trust my lawyer…[and] Carly was referred to me…she always looked at the big picture…Carly is extremely smart and always more than prepared in court.  I am blown away at how things turned out with my case!”

Isaac S.

“I recently [hired Carly for my divorce]…and I am glad that I found her.  Carly was very responsive to all of my questions and helped make the whole process less daunting.  She took care of everything that I needed and did it very professionally and quickly…I highly recommend her.”

Courtney C.

“Carly has ‘IT,’ the perfect combination of professionalism and friendship.  As her client I never questioned that my best interests were always her top priority.  I also knew that my case was being handled with the utmost care.  Carly constantly kept me in the loop with any new information and was always available to answer my questions and ease my concerns.  I am very thankful Carly was on my side!”

Ana D.

“Carly knows the law.  She’s tenacious and willing to go to the mat for her clients…even if that means multiple screaming matches with opposing counsel.  I’ll be sending my friends to Carly.”

Ross O.

“I was so incredibly blessed to have Carly represent me [in my child custody case]…she was aggressive in the courtroom and extremely professional throughout the entire duration of my case.  She always made me feel comfortable and at ease…[and] she understood how difficult this was for me and genuinely wanted the best for my child and myself.  She knows the system, she knows how to deal the cards, and she will rock the courtroom.  I can’t say enough about her, [and] I honestly wouldn’t put my life in anyone else’s hands.”

Charlotte C.

“The best thing about Carly is her attention to the things that really matter…Mine was a particularly challenging divorce, with a child involved, and Carly made sure I was focused only on the things that were in the best interest of my daughter, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.”

Doug S.