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Austin Child Custody Attorney

Even in the most amicable divorce, some of the most difficult questions arise when discussing how to best plan for co-parenting children. The decisions made regarding custody and decision-making rights impact children for years. It is important to learn how to make this transition and impact as positive as possible. …Contact a qualified child support attorney or child custody attorney to help guide you through this process.

Child custody and scheduling situations do not have to haunt divorced families. Attention to detail, appropriate planning and having the right advocate can make the difference in obtaining an effective co-parenting strategy that considers what is best for your child. A parent’s custodial rights have very far-reaching effects in a child’s life, so partnering with a qualified child custody attorney is very important for your children’s, as well as your, peace of mind.

Contact me today to discuss my services as a Child Custody Attorney… I look forward to helping you protect your children’s future.

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